1800w 3 Twin Halogen Light Kit with Boom


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MFR Code: 1800THKB Britek
This light kit includes three 600 watt power-adjustable halogen lights. Here we will explain how the hair light really works and how the light should be positioned. If you’re still wondering about the setup, we have pictures here to elaborate. Scroll all the way to the right to the last two pictures of the mannequin on the photo strip. The first of the last two pictures gives you an idea of how the light looks like when the hair light is used. The light projected down from the hair light will give your model a shiny and healthier hair look; however, the hair light should never draw people’s attention away from the subject area. In this photo, the mannequin seems a bit too over exposed due to its white surface, but the overexposure may not be fully shown if the subject was an actual human.

The second picture shows how the boom stand should be positioned relative to the position of the model. Normally, the hair light should be placed above and a little bit behind the subject in order to create the effect of the shiny hair. The hair light wasn’t primarily designed to be used as a back light since the light is usually directed to create the effect of shiny hair rather than taking out the shadow. The best way to take out the shadow is to use the halogen as a back light kit. However, people who are running on a tight budget should try placing the model a few feet away from the wall to prevent shadows from registering on the image.
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1800THKB 1800w 3 Twin Halogen Light Kit with Boom  
8054 300w/600w Halogen Light (Power Adjustable) 3 $242.97 
8054-1 bulb for 8054 Halogen Light 6 $77.94 
LT9308 Britek 8' Compact Studio Light Stand LT9308 2 $55.98 
3428S 24''x24''Softbox 3 $128.97 
A4095B Heavy Duty A4095B Boom Stand 1 $109.99 
3178-3 Small Stand Bag for 4057 and 4064 1 $7.99 
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 1 $8.99 
Kit Discount 1 $-102.84 
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