2300W All-in-One Fluorescent Light Kit


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MFR Code: FK2300AIO Britek
  If you want to purchase a complete fluorescent lighting kit for your personal studio, but are running on a tight budget, this 2300W All-in-One fluorescent lighting kit is the most affordable lighting kit for your investment since it includes two key light holders, one fluorescent back light kit, and quality thick muslin backdrop that is impenetrable by light. The fluorescent back light kit comes as standard equipment in this kit, which does not only eliminate shadows, but also makes the photos overall more dimensional and natural. You will also get to choose a muslin color among green, blue, black, or white.
  Similar to many characteristics shared by the 1600W fluorescent lighting kit, two key light holders with 240W bulbs put out nearly 2000W of luminosity and enhance the photo contrast. The background support system consists of high quality iron-steel background support stands and mutifunctional crossbars. Unlike other background support systems that do not have sufficient weight, this included background system is just heavy enough to prevent the stands from tipping off, and is still portable for relocation. Carrying cases are included for the light banks and background support systems, so you can carry the entire kit wherever you go!
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FK2300AIO 2300W All-in-One Fluorescent Light Kit  
9060 Pro 1500 Studio Cool Light Holder 2 $79.98 
PP170056 Photo High RA Fluorescent Lamp 240W 2 $161.98 
9064 Softbox for Fluorescent Light PE9060 2 $89.98 
8308new 8308 Compact Light Stand 2 $79.98 
4145-1 Single Crossbar Background Support 1 $124.99 
3245 PRO 500 Fluorescent Light Holder 2 $49.98 
PP170053 Photo High RA Fluorescent Lamp 50W 2 $35.98 
4060 Back Light Stand (1'to 3'3'') 2 $31.98 
3178-3 Small Stand Bag for 4057 and 4064 1 $7.99 
3178-1 Large Carry Bag 1 $12.99 
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 2 $17.98 
Instant Savings 1 $-97.77 
Subtotal: $596.04
Code  Choice muslin color   Qty. Total
BUC915 Chromakey Blue Screen 9'x15' 1 $20.00 
BAC915 Black Muslin Screen 9'x15' 1 $20.00 
WC915 White muslin Screen 9'x15' 1 $20.00 
GC915 Chromakey Green Screen 9'x15' 1 $39.99 
Subtotal: $20.00
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